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    I've had this jacket for awhile, got it while visiting Japan. Little did I know it was a WTAPS collab as I've been told. Either way, I never found the time to wear it so it's for sale right now. My highest offer so far is $500 here are two pictures:
    [ONLY ACCEPTING PAYPAL AND MONEY ORDER AS PAYMENT] [ONLY SHIPPING TO CONFIRMED ADDRESS] [INTERNATIONAL BUYERS NEED TO ADD EXTRA FOR SHIPPING] Uniqlo Jean size 33 x 34 Used, like new $100 shipped Neighborhood x Evoke tee Medium Brand New $45 shipped Levis 501 size 30 x 32 Used $20...
    hi, this is my first post and look forward to being a part of this website. could you give me a legit check on these jeans please. i cant find any information on them via google searches. any help would be appreciated thanks...
1-3 of 5 Results