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Release Date: Saturday, May 1st

Price: ¥2,790 (~$25 USD)

Includes: 1st Camo back pack

Previews of upcoming collaborations with:

  • adidas Originals
  • Fred Perry
  • Asics
  • M&M's
  • Bape x mastermind Japan x Dr. Martens
  • Jessie Reyez
  • [email protected]


The back pack included with this magazine is a free gift - an incentive for buying. Promotional items included with magazines are not manufactured by Bape, and do not have the quality one would expect from typical Bape products.

Resellers will be charging $80 - $100+ just for the bag alone.

Free gift items are not worth these high prices.

:mad: :mad: Don't fall victim to resellers :mad: :mad:

Bape e-Mooks are in plentiful supply at many Japan retailers and bookstores.


Order yours now at any of the following sites:



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I’d love to order but I’ve never used a proxy service! Also I find it hard to understand the google translations so it makes me very nervous lol I’m planning a trip to Japan soon and shopping while I’m there. Have you ever been?
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