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Release Date: Saturday, December 25th

Price: ¥2,739 (~$25 USD)

Includes: Color Camo duffel bag

Previews of upcoming collections including:


The bag included with this magazine is a free gift as an incentive for buying.

Promotional items included with magazines are not manufactured by Bape and do not have the quality one would expect from typical Bape products.

Resellers will be charging $80 - $100+ just for the bag alone.

Free gift items are not worth these high prices.

:mad: :mad: Don't fall victim to resellers :mad: :mad:

Bape e-Mooks are in plentiful supply at many Japan retailers and bookstores worldwide.


Order yours now at any of the following sites:

Yahoo! Japan




Honya Club (coming soon)

e-hon (coming soon)

You'll need a proxy to order from most of these sites.

If you need assistance, check out the link below.

How To: FROMJAPAN Shopping & Bidding Service


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I believe last season's catalog retailed for about $45. As usual, US retail prices are higher than Japan. The US Bape stores don't get many catalogs though. They sell out pretty quick.
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