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"A" Rare OG Bape Hoodies Clearout

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I have many refs and sell nothing but 100% legitimate items.

All below prices are in £ GBP and include shipping. Please use a website such as to convert to your currency.

First up is the first release cotton candy camo hoody in size L. Very rare and long since sold out. Great condition. £150.

1st Edition Pink Camo Swarov Hoody in Size L. Barely worn, as new. Very rare. SOLD

Bapexclusive Red Hidden Camo Velour Hoody in Size L. Extrememly rare having been sold only in Bapexclusive stores. Excellent condition, as new. £170.

"Ultimate" Shark Hoody in Camo Size L. Extremely rare, excellent condition. As new. SOLD
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Bump and prices dropped.
ultimate camo sold.
Bump, only red hidden camo and cotton candy left.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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