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"A" Rare OG Bape Hoodies Clearout

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I have many refs and sell nothing but 100% legitimate items.

All below prices are in £ GBP and include shipping. Please use a website such as to convert to your currency.

Milo Face Camo Hoody. Very Rare. Size M. Great condition £140.

First edition Psych Star Camo Hoody. Sold out incredibly fast on release, often seen on Pharrell back in the day and very rare. Excellent condition. Size M £170.

Red Camo Swarov Hoody. Excellent condition. Another overnight queue for this one. Size M £170.

1st Gen PONR Thermal Lined Shark. One of the rarest colours as white was never re-released unlike other colours. Overnight queue at BWS London for this on release and less than 20 pieces released. Great condition. Size M £170.
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Red OG Bape x Kaws Chomper Hoody, excellent condition. Size M. Red. £170.

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white ponr sold, send me offers on the rest.
Buuump, loads of flakers so far.
bump all still available
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