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Are the Yeezy's Dead ???? Well.. The Hype at least

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I have my Net/Net and my Black/Pinks... and every day I look at them... I can't help but say to myself... Did I really sleep outside for these ??? Lol... I mean.. seriously guys... Has hype on the Yeezy's died ??? Have they died period in a fashion sense ?? I haven't seen Kanye, Jay , or Cudi where them in a while... And they used to be the main ones killing them ... All I've seen as of late are the Kanye LV's on they're feet... I don't know man... I'm considering selling mines. I just want you guys' opinion on this! As much as I love Yeezy's.. I cant be bias


Fashion moves pretty damn quickly! smh
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its like any shoe, the hype dies but the value stays
look at london sb's or paris sb's they have risen in price over the years but there is zero public hype.

there are hardly any legit ones around for sale, so the price has kinda gone up, i reckon it will go even higher within a year. but the hype will lower as they become collectors items. im surprised they were hyped for so long, it was almost a year since kanye wore em at grammys till release
the price hasnt dropped a tonne.. only on tans ...+ zens have stayed level. blacks seem to have increased as theyre actually dope

but people dropped well over $1k on what the dunks etc
to me i like em cause no other shoe is like them

you see jordans and dunks constantly bringing out new COLOURWAYS.. the yeezys are a whole new concept..

i personally think the tans are ugly and i may get rid of my zens but to me the blacks are one of the best shoes ever made
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