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Are the Yeezy's Dead ???? Well.. The Hype at least

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I have my Net/Net and my Black/Pinks... and every day I look at them... I can't help but say to myself... Did I really sleep outside for these ??? Lol... I mean.. seriously guys... Has hype on the Yeezy's died ??? Have they died period in a fashion sense ?? I haven't seen Kanye, Jay , or Cudi where them in a while... And they used to be the main ones killing them ... All I've seen as of late are the Kanye LV's on they're feet... I don't know man... I'm considering selling mines. I just want you guys' opinion on this! As much as I love Yeezy's.. I cant be bias


Fashion moves pretty damn quickly! smh
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No, they're not dead, it's just that you are a hypebeast.
Now because you don't see rappers wearing the, you're bored of them...SMH
damn i agree 1000000 %.

I love my yeezys cause they look dope imo. if anyone thinks they look bad i respect that cause its matter of taste.

but youre def a fuckin hypebeast cause you dont see rappers wearing these youre bored of them (like puertorican said):gunner:
i agree with both u guys.
this is by far the dumbest question thread ever.
just because Pharrell stopped wearing SBs , doesnt mean it's dead (although it kinda has been lately with the shitty new designs)
Rappers dont wear that shit anymore because they have so much money and they are, as Jay-Z said, "On to the next". It's a marketing movement. They wear the shit to sell the shit. And since yeezys sold out in stores, they don't need to wear it anymore. only people really selling it now are re-sellers and ye isnt making money off of that nor does he care about re-sellers
^I say keep them until Yeezy does some other stupid shit at another award show or says something controversal on TV. Resale value will go up! :)
They are ugly as fuck and you got played by the hype.
Oh god I am like dying laughing from this! ahahhaha....ur signature is even more HILARIOUS
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