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BAPE City-specific Camo Belts?

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Hey, y'all,

Did BAPE ever do this? If so, when?

The Sapporo colors look straight, but I had not heard of belts with city camo being done.

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Is this not just cotton candy camo? Looks like it to me, but shades maybe slightly different due to tumbled leather?

Haven't heard of city camo belts either...
Yeah, homey, that is what I thought, too, but I found two sites calling it a Sapporo-exclusive, and another which was being sold by a shop in Sapporo:

I have the cotton candy white leather belt, and the orange is nothing like the pink on what I have. Mine is brand-new and not aged a minute, so I originally thought that maybe it was a bad picture or a Photoshop job. However, all three links above show the same colors on three different belts. I thought maybe that pink paint is such that it ages orange, but it seems a bit odd, given how clearly the blue and yellow resemble what is on my cotton candy belt. Ultimately, what tops this off for me is that the colors do match the Sapporo colorway.

Does anyone have a history on this? Are there other examples or cities for which this was done, or are my links all to fakes?

Thanks in advance, y'all. Holla!
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Dont think there were any city belts. I know there were hoodies and shoes but no belts.
Thanks, homey. That is helpful to know. Having said that (and disregarding the alleged Sapporo colorway), is the belt in the first link legitimate?
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