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BAPE 'Sapporo Colorway' Leather Belt

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Hey, y'all, I posted a LC on this belt last week and got some good responses, but still have not received a decision on whether or not the belt is real. Having received several comments, I think the original post was discarded without an official verdict.

Thanks to those of you who answered my question about whether or not BAPE released city-specific camo belts (it would seem the answer is 'no'). Having said that, is this belt a legitimate BAPE article?

Thanks in advance, y'all. Holla!

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I was going through my old pics on my gmail account and found this, I took this pic from a bape paper, can't remember which one but it was a early edition maybe before version 5, anyway in this it has the sapparo camo

Looking at the belt itself it looks legit
Legit to me.
Thanks for coming through, y'all. Much appreciated~!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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