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After a couple months of hunting, I have adjusted and expanded upon my wishlist.

It is worth mentioning in advance that while I am indeed looking for the items pictured below, my wants are not limited to what you see. Reading the descriptions below, please be aware that I am also looking for items 'in this or that style', or items 'like this one/these'.

As a final reminder, I am only interested in items of a condition 9/10 or higher (meaning no stretches, scratches, tears, rips, stains, odors, smears, fraying, etc.). That said, here is the wishlist:

From the upper-left corner, I am looking for the following:

1) BAPE belts (especially the orange Jacquard-, black brushed-metal buckle canvas-, and red leather Ursus belts pictured, and in general, those with square camo buckles), all size L

2) 'ABC Camo 2'-print leather BAPE belts (these fall into (1), but I am particularly hoping to cop these), all size L

3) Louis Vuitton one-season-and-off leather belts (that is, they are typically only made for a single season, and/or are often designed by a 'guest collaborator', with examples being those pictured), men's size 34

4) BAPE x Stussy back-pocket-stiched logo jeans, size M (men's 32-34, if I am correct)

5) BAPE x Undercover 'U'-stamped ape head, size L

6) Mr. Bathing Ape pocket square / handkerchief & red- and blue Jacquard camo neckties (from the second season, May 2010)

7) BAPE x CLOT Chinese Jacket (I believe that the one pictured is a fake, haha, as the CLOT sleeve tag should be red, not white), size L

8) BAPE x KAWS hoodies (green-, pink-, and blue ABC camo, and yellow 1st camo), all size L

9) BAPESTAS with all-white, all-grey, or all-white/grey-and-a-design-in-the-star colourways (particularly the two KAWS models and the 3M-material model pictured above), all size 10.5

10) BAPE x Red Wing ape-head boots, size 10, 10.5, or 11 (conditional upon how they fit)

11) BAPE x POST Cowichan knit sweaters (not just the ones pictured, size L or (more likely) XL (dependent upon the dimensions)

12) Louis Vuitton x Kanye West shoes (any of the styles pictured above), size 10 or 10.5 (conditional upon how they fit)

13) BAPE Seoul Camo polo shirt, size L

14) BAPE x adidas Superstars (any of the three models pictured above), size 10.5

15) BAPE x Stussy grey colourway, size XL

16) BAPE orange/black/yellow hoodie (pictured, circa 2001?), size L

17) BAPE camo hunting cap, and also grey/black BAPE caps, size L

18) BAPE green ABC camo travel bag (pictured)

19) Burberry Fringed-Chain bracelet, size 19-22 (dependent upon the fit)

Most of this stuff is so rare now that I have never seen it floating about for sale, and while it is likely that no one on BapeTalk has any of these things, I think that a few of you might be able to surprise me. At the least, if you know someone who can help me out, please get at me. Holla!​
1 - 20 of 42 Posts
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