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Here he is again with the collabos... haha.

If any of y'all have the BAPE Book, you've prolly noticed it has a picture of a 'reversible Chinese jacket.' After doing some research (even more than the Fendi joint), I still have very little to go by, but here are the bits:

- it was a collaboration with CLOT
- Edison Chen appeared wearing it in some Hong Kong (?) fashion publications together with Nigo
- the colorway featured one side of green (?) OG camo, with the opposite featuring black and white neon camo; I have seen a white colorway as well, but it was on the Yahoo! Auctions HK site, and given the price then, I cannot vouch for the authenticity
- this would have been released sometime between 2006 and 2008

Having said all this, I have some questions for those of you who might have answers:

1) I have a 'BAPE Green Camo Farmer-style Hat' with no CLOT markings (the jacket has a CLOT tag, at the least); was the hat independent of CLOT, or part of the same collaboration?

2) What colorways were released? Was there simply one style?

3) Where can I buy a legitimate XL version? Does anyone either have one or have knowledge on where one can be found (apart from Yahoo! Auctions, Pondon, and search engines, of course)?

Thanks in advance... I'm not in a place where I can post pictures at the moment, but should anyone have a desire to better see what I am talking about, I can upload some later. Holla!

The tee and shirt look quite sick....

Valencia I swear you had this tee or something similar recently??

And those anyone know what jacket I was thinking of?? All I remember was that it was some sort of bomber jacket with the image on the back or front of it.
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