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BAPE x Fendi Part 2 (New/Unseen Pictures)

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Hey y'all...

I posted about the BAPE and Fendi collabo last month, and we wrapped it up for the most part, but I thought I'd throw more details in the mix. Particularly because the line wasn't made available commercially, I expect it will be of interest to some of the BAPE heads here.

One point of discussion the last time was the legitimacy of a hoodie I own as of late:

The prior owner claimed to have gotten it from an attendee at the Fendi x BAPE (?) party in Beijing (I don't know if the China event was exclusively Fendi, or a joint event). After I enquired further, he told me it had been worn by a DJ Muro for the event; I wasn't familiar with this individual prior to our conversation, but it turns out Muro is well-known in the realm of Japanese hip-hop. I was also told that he co-DJ-ed the event with Nigo (which I have been able to back up via news reports from third parties).

With the history seemingly legitimate, the other issue was the nature of the hoodie itself, as mine seemed different in color and shape than others pictured. However, I came across the following photo on Bapetalk:

That would seem to prove that my model was actually legitimately produced (regardless of how small the run was). After doing further research, I came up with another interesting find:

Looking at the previous two pictures, we see that at minimum, four different models were released:

- Purple trim (sleeves & bottom), dark gold back w/ large Fendi monogramme (Ryo & Ilmari, the two left Teriyaki Boyz)
- Tan trim (sleeves & bottom), light gold back w/ small Fendi monogramme (Wise & VERBAL, the two right Teriyaki Boyz)
- Purple- (sleeves) & tan trim (bottom), dark gold back w/ large Fendi monogramme (sleeves & pockets), light gold back w/ small Fendi monogramme (hood, bottom trim, torso & back) (Nigo)
- Tan- (sleeves) & purple trim (bottom), dark gold back w/ large Fendi monogramme (hood, bottom trim, torso & back), light gold back w/ small Fendi monogramme (sleeves & pockets) (Kanye West)

The only other thing in question is whether or not mine is real. Questions raised before involved the fabric, whether the hoodie was full-zip or not, and its tags. To address the first, it is a rigid material, quite different from what BAPE normally uses. The best way to think about the fabric is as a cross between that of a rain jacket, and that of a typical hoodie. The stitch-work is immaculate, and a close look at the fabric proves it is high quality. Given the right angle, it shows off a beautiful sheen in the light.

Earlier pictures seemed to indicate that the hoodie was full-zip, though not one picture has been found by me showing a Fendi hoody fully zipped up. Further inspection of the Nigo- and Kanye West photo above proves as much. If any doubts remain, two more looks at West's will help:

The final point was on tags and branding. The zipper is quite different in shape (and is not double-zip), but has the standard "BAPE" pressing on it. The only tag in the hoodie is to be found between seams in the bottom-left corner, and features the extremely tiny APE head on the front, with the size on the back (XL). A shot at this tag shows that there is indeed a black thread running between the layers (as good an indication of legitimacy as any):

There is no documentation available as to why no other tags are present, but again, this was never a public release. It was merely a chance to show BAPE off. Nigo wanted a shot in the high fashion world, and the Fendi collaboration gave him that opportunity; it was very superficial, and very external. Apart from limited exposure in fashion magazines and select online blogs, this wouldn't be seen in depth, so there was no need for more tag-work.

I don't know that anyone on this website (or any other, for that matter) has one of the Fendis, but I would absolutely love to find out. As for me, the hoodie was worth every yen paid.
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very nice pics ! i think the price is hot .i saw a milo x fendi cleaner phone 2 years ago in fool s judge it was 300$ if i remenber. but i can see what is bape in those items?
You should be a detective seriously....

Nice find and info apomw
at first i facepalmed at the title then i applauded.
Nice find +rep
Wait so was your's fake or original?
BTW I just noticed something that you might want to search to confirm that its legit, dunno if its been said though...

Look at the bottom of the hoodie where the trim is look at yours then look at kanyes/nigos/teriyaki's all of them have small Fendi signs yours are big....just wanted to point out.
Nicely done on the research. Have you tried contacting Bape to see if they could verify authenticity? I know Evisu used to willingly do this.
I seriously enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures! =]
Hey y'all, thanks for the love. I appreciate it, for real. For me, at least, part of the fun in BAPE is that I truly view it as wearable art (as opposed to merely being clothes), and the fact that even one piece can have such a deep back-story makes it worthwhile to share.

The research, coupled with the knowledge of everyone here on BT has removed all doubt from my mind that it is authentic. After I was urged to go back and look for the 'black thread,' I realized that the quality is such that producing a fake (of which no one on BT has even seen before) in limited quantities would have been impractical, cost-wise. It is legitimate. I would love to contact BAPE and make an enquiry in the future, just for hoots.

I didn't even know about Fendi before this (haha), and while I won't be a customer of theirs in the near future, I will enjoy wearing this on occasion. It's so radically different from what they specialise in, so I expect I'll catch a few looks on the street, haha.

Price-wise, that goofy thing cost me between $700-750... haha. Like I said, though, it is worth every yen I paid. The history, the rarity, the brand(s); I love it.

Thanks again, y'all. I appreciated the comments, for real. BT is a lot of fun. On to the next hunt...
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Just found this:

Fendi Roadstas (sorry for low quality):

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about... when I got the hoodie, I thought it was crazy-stiff, but it's the exact same thing for the TBs... Great find, homey.

Good find, homey... I hadn't seen that one.
so this tee kanye its rockin its a Bape X Fendi ?
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Judging from the pic I found I would say yes.Nice find dude.
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