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The world famous Ukrainian brand Sleeper is a favourite of celebrities. It is a luxury brand that is perfect for sophisticated summer dresses and chic co-ords. The brand is also a hot favourite for the party season. Founded by Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa, the brand has an extensive collection of accessories. The brand was founded by Kate Zubarieva, who had always dreamed of having a pyjama factory. Together with Asya Varetsa, she launched Sleeper and quickly began to expand. Today, Sleeper sells its pieces globally online and at luxury department stores. The brand's range includes linen frocks and slip dresses, pyjama sets, and silk slip dresses. The brand's designs are incredibly versatile and can be worn at many different occasions. Whether you're spending the day at the office or spending the night out with your friends, you'll feel comfortable wearing a Sleeper dress. The fabric used for Sleeper dresses is ultra-soft and perfect for hot summer nights.
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