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BAPE x Stussy Varsity + BAPE Seoul Polo

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Hey y'all... I missed out on these items, both of which are at the top of my wishlist:

The varsity I would be looking for in size XL, and the polo would be in L. I have shopped 3peat, Pondon, CliffEdge, and others (particularly heavily-so on Yahoo! Auctions JP), but said items in said sizes have yet to be found.

Should you have a link or be in possession of what I want, drop me a message and I will decide whether it is worth it given your asking price. No flaking here~

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Also worth noting: I would be looking for the varsity in either the black/white- or grey/white motifs...
aside from the hey yall and holla you are the most formal guy i have ever seen on a forum...dont have the items though...good day to you fine sir
Haha, well, thank you. That is indeed a compliment, and I appreciate it. Being respectful shows that you care about- and have a love for other people, and I desire to convey that even when I interact online.

I am sorry you do not have the items, as it seems it would have been a pleasure buying from you!
Have you asked Pondon if she can do a pick up on the polo? It's still pretty new and she might be able to pick up other sizes. Worth a shot.
Yeah, homey, I'll try that. Thanks for the suggestion!
1 - 5 of 7 Posts
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