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bbc flannel

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Wanted: crews/hoodies, denim, bapesta/roadsta, beanie

ATTENTION!: Looking for someone to trade his/her vnds-ds bape camo trucker (no logo) or bbc/ic fitted 1/2 for my vnds IC black roller waitress trucker....

Also looking for:

Flannel Shirt (red) - BBC

Crews/hoodies size L - BBC/IC

Jeans size M (waist 31) - BBC/IC/Bape

Bapestas/roadstas size 9-10

Beanies - BBC/IC/Bape

All items have to be condition 9-DS

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Hi I got two roadies .... are u interested into the NYC camo colour ??? and a jamaica color ???

check them on my blog :)
thx but i just bought a pair of boutiques, a crewneck and im waiting for another guy to close a deal one some bapestas so it think im good for now...:)
thx...guess i should have been more specific though..the one im actually looking for is the digi-jack one
I think digi is up today only green and blue, not red;)
yeah i know..i also found the grey/blue one but im really just looking for the red one
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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