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NY Meetups Or PayPal
Accepting Trades In The Following:
Givenchy Oversized Fit tees sz M L Or XL
Shark Hoodys sz Xl and XXl
Vintage Bape windbreakers and light jackets XXL
Og 1st Camo Items xxl
XXL Designer Clothing
Graphite Damier Lv belt sz 100 or 110
Jordans sz 9.5 or 10
Headporter sneakers sz 10
Visvim shoes sz 10
G star Cargos sz 40

I Can Add Cash

Also Selling: Hermes Togo Leather Belt Kit With receipt and og everything,
Louis Vuitton Azur Damier Belt sz 95 (34-36),
DS Huf SF beanie
Cincinati Blue/Red Ti$a Hat,
Cubs Blue Ti$a hat,
Bape Red Shark keychain,
Balenciaga Shades

Bape LA x Kobe Bryant Tee (has 24 In purple/yellow on back) sz XL s.o 100 limited
Bape NY x KiD CuDi Fashions Night Out Tee sz XL -s.o 140 less than 120 made
Bape LA x Kid Cudi Tee sz XL - s.o 120 around 150 made
Bape x Mario Tee Sz XXL - s.o 120 limited
Bape Fish Tee sz xl - s.o 40
Bape Biker Tee sz XL s.o 50
Bbc Arch Logo Blue/red sz XL s.o 30
Bape Polo Tee sz XL s.o 30

Tees s.o 40 all sz XL

Bbc Pullover Grey/ Black Arch Logo On Front and Back sz XXL s.o 140

Bape Green Woodland Camo Full Zip Hoody Sz XL s.o 150

G-Star F/w 2011 Tappered Loose Cargos In Camo sz 40 (Perfect for sz 36 or 38)
G-Star F/w 2010 Greyish Cargos I Forgot the Fit sz 38

S/o 150 for both ( retail was 250 after tax each) I Have receipts also

32 MM Hermes Togo Leather Sold Out belt Kit Combination s.o 500

Louis Vuitton Damier Azure belt sz 95/38 (34-36) s.o 250

Ti$a Hats and a Pow Chain
s.o 40 for hats s.o 120 for chain

Bape shark keychain s.o 15

Balenciaga Shades s.o 120

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