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Context Flash Sale (Good Denim Deals!!)

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I don't know when it ends, but there are some nice deals going on at

check the sale section for deals on Imperials, Sugarcanes, and Nudie.


later denimheads
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shits really cheap atm.. i was surprised...

spend a little more money and you can upgrade from 501s to some nicee imperial dukes.

almost the same fit.. its like a straight cut.
should I also check ebay and shit for good deals? btw idk how this works I wear a 34x36 so wtf do I do?
try getting 36/38.

shit i dont know if that exists.. you might be out of luck with the stfs..

btw, pm me so i dont clog this thread up.
ughhh so tempted on those sugarcanes
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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