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What's up~

This is a pretty well-known item from the Isetan range, yet pretty rare. I purchased this deadstock off of Yahoo! Auctions JP last year for roughly USD$450. It is a pretty rare item; I have not seen two on auction in my couple of years of hunting, and given the size and condition, there are not many left to be found out there.

I swing between L and XL depending on the season, and this was just slightly too big for me. As I said, it is unworn, and in perfect condition, and includes a BAPE XL dust bag.

Given the rarity and what I paid for it originally, I am looking for a flat $350, with S&H/P&P complimentary. Payment can be made through PayPal. Please be sure to add a 5% surcharge to account for the respective PayPay fees.

I am going to give this two weeks (as of today, 2011/05/08), and if there are no takers here, I will be putting this back up on Yahoo! JP to get the original $400 back. Holla!
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