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Dilly2jz sale: 4 Bape Jackets, BBC Denim, Ape x Goretex, Jacquard Hidden Camo

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mods please delete old thread, thank you

Price + shipping + 4% PayPal fee, or send by gift.
I'm willing to come down on price 5-10% on certain items, however if I'm repeatedly low-balled and an item doesnt sell within a few weeks then that item will be sent to the guys

-vtg Bape 1st Camo Gore-Windstopper $480 9/10

-Bape Jacquard Hidden Camo Dress Shirt $140 9/10

-vtg Bape M-65 Jacket $250 9/10 (amazing details, reads "shadow of the ape empire" on front left chest, trademark "R" on back bottom left)

-vtg Bape Jacket $220 9/10

-vtg Bape Jacket $240 9/10

-Bape General Hoodie $110 9/10

-Bape Sta Selvedge Denim $100 9/10 (camo inside the pockets)

-Ursus Bape Black Denim $90 9/10

-Bape Crazy Camo Button-Up $100 9/10 (size XS not S)

-Baby Milo Simple Soldier Tee $60

-Bape A.S.N.K.A. Long Sleeve Tee $70 9/10
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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