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Dj Am Dunks

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So I'm aware of the Dj Am dunks release, I believe its next month right? Does anyone know the price? And how many are released? From my resources I can preorder it for 300 bucks and only less than 100 made. If I'm wrong please tell me, cause I'm about to cop these. I always have been a fan on AM I actually won two of this shoes on eBay and watch his show all the time. RestInPeace
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All i've read is that they are limited. Haven't found any place that says exactly how many will be released.
They look good though.

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would've looked better without the PL. they're out on kasina for $110 USD right now.
If jshih is right, a $300 pre-order should be a no-go :p

I didn't know they released already? :/
idk the pl looks kinda sick, with the technics design from the turntables on the back of the shoe
what shoes did u get from the ebay auctions? and gl getting these. they prob are gonna be pretty limited but keep calling around
I got his pro keds and a pair of his converse. His eminem jordans went for 2,300 and his yeezys 1,000 fuckin nuts. Ya im willin to spend 300 on these shoes i just dont know where the hell to get them

speakin of AM tho...he had some crazy stas in his collection, reminded me of tha good ol days
pounce on them if you want em. price is good as of now, i dont forsee it getting way too much higher
His Bapes have been going for retarded prices. Just over $100 or under $100 for OG non patent bapestas in a rare size. Just redic. Bapestas truly are dead. If they were 9's I would have copped most of them at these prices.
yea, it's true. most of the stas have been going for like 100 lines.

His dunks would have been definitely better if it had no patent leather.
would've looked better without the PL. they're out on kasina for $110 USD right now.
it would not be practical if they did because i remember some video with him saying that he loved PL
im not really feelin the pl other than that....dope
im going to cop these when they drop. Like the other guy said QS?
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