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Dj Am Dunks

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So I'm aware of the Dj Am dunks release, I believe its next month right? Does anyone know the price? And how many are released? From my resources I can preorder it for 300 bucks and only less than 100 made. If I'm wrong please tell me, cause I'm about to cop these. I always have been a fan on AM I actually won two of this shoes on eBay and watch his show all the time. RestInPeace
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speakin of AM tho...he had some crazy stas in his collection, reminded me of tha good ol days
Haha..I feel you on that. All i remember from this dude is he had a bape logo sticker on his macbook when he was workin' the 1's and 2's.
dj am was mad ill
i just bought the dunks on ebay and should be gettin them by monday, they were released yesterday.
cant wait to get them
got mine, Phone order from Classic Kicks in NYC... bosssssss
I got mine for 170. and I honestly think it looks great. One of the better dunks. That was definitely a bad picture you will not be disappointed if you pick it up.
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you can get them from livestock for 170 i think
it would not be practical if they did because i remember some video with him saying that he loved PL
naw he said he really wasnt a fan of pl it was when he picked up one of his dunks.
its in his memorial video
i'm really feelin the shoe, i just wish they had the thicker dunk laces on them...
Does anyone know of these are releasing in uk? If not I'll pull the trigger on eBay!
I think they released it a while ago homie. pull the trigger!
saww them in person... not that ill.. the af1 was better..
Waiting for that livestock giveaway to come through
not too crazy about the colorway, id probably get them just because its AM.
Bay Area heads - Shoe Palace in VF got their shipment a week ago. Picked up a pair for $120 total.
these were pretty hyped in toronto. but resellers are stuck with em!
nice colorway, but dunk highs got really uncomfy lately
Will these release in time for halloween?
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