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FS: Flannels, tees Supreme, Stussy Deluxe, NHBD, Stussy, Reigning Champ, Surrender

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Got stuff for sale, so here's another sale thread by me. Ask for refs if you want, done business here, on Sufu, SS, HB, ISS, Ebay etc... I am legit.

Trades and offers are welcome, Supreme, Bape, OF, Clot, NHBD... you know the deal. Caps(camp, snapback, 7 1/4), hoodies(M or L), tees (M or L), beanies, pants/jeans(32W), buttondown/flannel(M or L), shoes(Nike, Vans, NB..8,8.5,9)

Sorry for the crappy pics, gear is in great, flawless condition though.

DS Bape multi camo box logo in black sz L, asking $90 shipped OBO:

Ds Neighborhood x Stussy in white sz L, $55 shipped:

Stussy Deluxe flannel worn once+washed once sz L, $55 shipped:

Ds Reigning Champ tank top in heather black sz L, $50 shipped:

Ds Surrender Ten Hurts tee in black sz L, $40 shipped:

Pm me.
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1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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