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FS: Some of the rarest BAPE you will ever see

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What up, y'all. The title says it all. Here is what I have:

1) BAPE Hand-printed tee, size M (this is an OG fit, so it is almost a perfect fit on size L folks, and will work on Ms, too) - only 100 of these were made, and you had to be fortunate enough to have your ticket drawn in the lottery to pick one up at all. The condition is 8/10 by my estimates; there are no stains or noticeable damage (discernible with my eyes), and the shirt has been dry-cleaned. Aside from being one of Nigo's hand-prints, there are only 99 others floating about in the world, and I can guarantee that few (if you ever see one again) will be in this condition. $150

2) The legend - the BAPE x FENDI hoodie, size XL (though it fits me pretty well, and I am usually an L). It is almost 10/10 conditionwise, the fabric is outstanding, and this is one of the rarest articles of BAPE you will ever have the chance of owning. To my knowledge, mine is the only one to have ever made its way to Yahoo! Auctions JP. It was worn by DJ Muro, who co-DJed the BAPE x FENDI event with Nigo. If my memory serves correct, only 100 were made, and none were ever let go to the public. This was a celebrities-only, only-for-those-in-attendance piece. Videos of the Teriyaki Boyz unboxing the hoodies are floating about on YouTube, and my original adventures in copping said hoodie remain on BT: 1) 2) $1,500

3) BAPE Camo belt buckles, two gold, two silver, all DS-condition. $70 apiece, slightly less if you cop more than one

Get at me with offers! Barring exceptional circumstances, I will refrain from taking additional pictures to support my words (as my longevity on BT and existing feedback should suffice), and I will kindly not be yielding questions regarding the authenticity of items. Thank you in advance. Holla!
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