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Hermes Belt, LV Azure Belt, Balenciaga Shades,Ti$A Hats, Bape Shark Keychain, HUF Hat

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Accepting Trades In The Following:
K.w x LV Dons Lv size 8 or 8.5
Givenchy Oversized Fit tees sz M L Or XL
Shark Hoodys sz Xl and XXl
Vintage Bape windbreakers and light jackets XXL
Og 1st Camo Items xxl
XXL Designer Clothing
Graphite Damier Lv belt sz 100 or 110
Jordans sz 9.5 or 10
Headporter sneakers sz 10
Visvim shoes sz 10
G star Cargos sz 40

32 MM Hermes Reversible Togo Leather Tan/Black belt s.o $450
Comes with:
Hermes catalog(170+ pages of pictures)
Hermes Hole Puncher
Shopping bag
Tags and papers

Louis Vuitton Damier Azure belt sz 95/38 (34-36) s.o 250

Ti$a Hats and a Pow Chain
s.o 40 for hats s.o 120 for chain

Balenciaga Shades s.o 120

Bape shark keychain s.o 15

BRAND NEW HUF SF beanie BIN $20 shipped

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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