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Hey y'all... I found a guy in Japan here who stockpiled a mess of (legitimate) OG BAPE stuff (most of it being bags and smaller items, though some of it was hot), and amongst the collection was this:

According to him, it was a collaboration of some sort, though he could not remember. Now, if his dates are correct, this stuff should have been around the time BAPE was putting out their first-generation camo parkas, so the fact that these items are in a vacuum-pack bag (albeit flawless) does not seem odd to me, as some of the older stuff was not as commercially wrapped (you should see the OG, pre-Ape head plastic dust covers).

That said, the quality on the 'bandanas' (I call them that cautiously, because the previous owner was not sure what they were, either) is flawless, and with my little knowledge, the printing and tags look great.

If anyone has history or dates for this package, please. Anything which can be given I will gladly take.
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