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LEGIT CHECK Tiger Shark full zip hoodie

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So i recently got my first shark and im in fear that my hoodie is fake.
The store i bought it from is well known for reselling authentic stuff.
They have stationary stores blah blah blah.
Here s link to the offer BAPE Tiger Camo Full Zip Hoodie (001ZPF701011X-GRN) | 001ZPF701011X-GRN -
However the packaing i got the hoodie with was a bit shady i mean small box with torn to open feature,and then ripped polybag and no tags attached to the hoodie.
If its fake i need to contact customer services and solve the problem if its possible.
And i checked the wash tag and its seems off (star is not blurry as i learnt it should be),but im always paranoic so i want to make sure of it.
If other things are off lmk cause i need to have some strong arguments if i want to send it back to them.