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My BBC/IC needs....

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Any of these Flannels in size Small (preferably the Blue)

I need this Heart & Mind Tee in Small.

Also need to get ma hands on a pair of these Gold Helmet smart cuts in size Small/Medium whichever fits like 30x30.

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first bump....come on dudes help me find these - rep will be given :)
thanks vanity but im scared to cop from there cos I heard customs rape you proper and good lol

repped for the effort lol - need those damn shoes
oh shit your in the UK!!!
haha! no shit sherlock!
haha! no shit sherlock!

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buuuump - i need these shoes urgently! - rep for anyone who helps
^^^thanx bro, repped! u sure they're legit??
i know some-one who has these, he might trade if you are offering something hes intrested in, and ebay probably has loads of these, there not that rare.
^^^thanks man but havent got anything i wanna trade - is he willing to sell? yeah ebah has a few but not too sure on the authenticity. im highly considering buying from amazon :)
after alot of emailing and waiting fogdog told me they will not ship outside US...fuuuck!! Still looking peeps help me and rep will be offered :)
hit up ebay dude... you can legit check with me or on here.
this guys selling, he says they're items are authentic, wot u guys reckon???
I reckon your over thinking this way to god damn much.......if you want them then fucking get them for crying out loud.....take the training wheels off and make a choice as a man.......if for whatever reason he tried to scam you then just contact paypal.....fuck man come on step up to the plate!!!
comnwealth dude they got em for 60 right now special but they might be sold out
1 - 20 of 90 Posts
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