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My Project on 'Swagger' !

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Hello, my name’s JD. I am a student doing the Creative & Media Diploma Course. In one of my units, called the ‘Higher Project’ I have to do a project on any chosen subject/area, therefore I have decided to do my project on ‘Swagger’ and how this new developed culture influences many things like Music, Fashion, Dance, People.

I have selected this project, because well manz love & got swagger so you know. =] This forum will count as my primary research where i will ask a question for people to discuss. So......

My question is “What do you think Swagger influences and what influences' (your) Swagger? & Why?”


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people still talking about swag? damn

edit: u talking about the brand swagger or just the idea?
haha yehh man, swagger is all over.
and i'm talkin about the idea
Ralph polo + matching Gucci bucket hat+ matching vans+ Louis Vuitton Belt = Swagga
I hate the word swagger..
The ones claiming to have the biggest "swag" often seem to be the ones dressing worst.
yeah co-sign I hated that word from when I first heard it...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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