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N*E*R*D* x H&M

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i'll buy it for 2 reasons:

1)'cause it's design from NERD
2)'cause it's for a good cause!
Yup H&M stores
i think the tee's price will be 19.90Euro like the other past collection, when I've forgotten to buy the Timbaland x H&M :( (no size L)

you guys don't even know what they look like.

hype? lol
Hype or not it's for a good case :thumbsup:
Will It Be Available In The UK Aswell ?
Yup for sure!

Here's how i think:

More tees (if they are sold) in different H&M stores = more money for the case :thumbsup:
@Bobbyshaw: Continue in the other thread

1 - 6 of 33 Posts
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