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N*E*R*D* x H&M

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I really want to see what they look like now, and for them to be released here, come on don't forget about the U.K!
I hope they'll get it at H&M here, I mean our H&M is the first H&M that was built :/
lol i think shae has like an entire small animal on his head
man any official date when this thing is dropping? i gotta get there early.
^^ Someone please ban this guy.

What an idiot

even after I said I would ban him, he kept doing it
^^lol ah [email protected] least stupid ppl make the world funny.............sometimes. lol
i really hope this drops in the UK,
i really want one!
I would go cop dat asap
When is da release date
As I live half an hour away from about 5 H&M stores So 1 of dem is bound to have my size.
@Bobbyshaw: Continue in the other thread

yea the fight against aids tee i got 2 they like 20 smuthin
21 - 33 of 33 Posts
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