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Need a Legit Check on a Vintage piece

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Clothing Outerwear Shoulder Coat Shirt

Outerwear Neck Sleeve Baby & toddler clothing Collar

Hand Plant Insect Nail Gesture

Hand Tartan Sleeve Finger Waist

Outerwear Sleeve Gesture T-shirt Grey

Hand Neck Sleeve Nail Gesture

Tartan Textile Sleeve Cap Waist
Sleeve Gesture Handwriting Font Pattern

Textile Sleeve Gesture Finger Handwriting

Outerwear Jersey Sleeve Finger Collar

Recently came across this vintage no wind hold off snowboarding Jacket and am pretty sure it’s bootleg just wanted to hear some second opinions. Everything looks good but the bape head on the small tag almost looks like he’s missing his whole mouth lol. Would love to hear some second opinions
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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