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As of Friday, April 24, 2020, Japan Post is no longer accepting EMS orders to the United States, suspending the service.

If you want to order something, be aware that both EMS and SAL are are no longer available from Japan to US.

You can still order items from Japan, either through proxy service, reseller, ie. pondon, etc., however, your shipment will be delayed indefinitely until the pandemic situation has lessened and flights resume.

Other mail carriers (Fedex, DHL) may still be operational.

July 15th update:

Japan Post services to USA are still suspended, including Airmail and EMS.

Fedex and DHL are operating as usual with minimal delays.

There are reports of Fedex withholding parcels and requesting detailed info about parcel contents. Buyers may not be able to provide Fedex with requested info. You may have to contact Fedex or manufacturer for assistance.
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