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UPDATE: The Oneitas are sold, but the Isetan polo is still on the table!

Hey y'all,

I am selling the following item, which is technically size L (my wording will be explained later):

The item in question is on the bottom, a BAPE x Isetan check polo shirt, in the Isetan colorway. I have both (green and yellow) BAPE First Camo polos from last year (?), and they are pretty quality, but are blown out of the water by this Isetan polo. I do not know if it is the fabric or the stitching or the cut (or a combination of the above), but it is by far a higher-quality polo than what BAPE is doing now. You can feel the texture (it is a little bit heavier fabric, moreover), and it just feels high-quality. As is typical with BAPE, sizing can vary between years, so while this is tagged as an L, it could also fit a small XL person. It is by far my favorite polo, so I will be copping it in a size M next month. Condition-wise, it was purchased as deadstock, and as I only wore it once, the condition has not changed (it even smells new, as it came).

This pieces is in great condition, and relatively rare now. That said, I am asking for $60, plus $10 S&H/P&P. That is half the retail value, and an even greater detail considering resale and the combination of condition and rarity (in addition to quality). Plus, you will not find anything in a BAPE store now for that price, haha.

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