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As above,

I just wondering if i could kindly ask any of you to post yours or the pics of any BAPE VARSITY/ Baseball jackets you got.

Many thanks :cheers:
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Man... they both look good. As much as I like the ZOZOs (with the correct spelling on the back, haha), I will pass. I could imagine picking them up used down the road, but I really want to 'complete the set' with the grey Stussy varsity first. How about you?

I don't know if you (or anyone else on here) is planning on copping them, nor do I know your size, but someone is selling on of the original models in blue in a size S. Had it been my size, I would have gone after it.

How much is the blue one going for.
How much is the blue one going for.
The auction was just re-listed; at ¥38,000, it is half the price of the new re-releases.
so thats a girl 's varsity?
the shark varsity jackets are sick, i missed out on those.
love the shark and the ASNKA one!!

classic as!
Some sick varsities in here!
r123> Thanks, busted the ANSKA varsity out for the planet of the apes movie and got tonnes of comments.

Tricksta> I grabbed the 93 varsity up as soon as saw it because its a size small.
Datboyrome, nice varsity. Really like the colours.
^post some fitted pics too
101 - 120 of 148 Posts