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As above,

I just wondering if i could kindly ask any of you to post yours or the pics of any BAPE VARSITY/ Baseball jackets you got.

Many thanks :cheers:
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Let me update this thread...

pick up the Zozotown Classic second edition Varsity in beige.

Is the same material as the bape X stussy one. leather sleeves and thick cotton wool.

ordered it last year by pondon but they are still ava on zozo if anyone interested.

This varsity was first released in 1995 and this is a retro,

some nice details,,, on the front

and this old school APE logo that embeded an ape in the P

and the back print just pull this deal off for me... love it lol

thanks for looking guys.

Keep this update with your varsity pick ups!!

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nice jacket, did you size up on this also?
I didnt size up for this though, it fits the same as my bape x stussy one so yeh.

But I still think L should be good too.
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Post a fit with the jacket, please.
yeah post a fit front and back. thanks.:)
here u go fellas,

might take some better quality ones later but just those for now.

took some better ones lol
Aoyama Shark Varsity.

This shot is GF's idea! lol

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Dope pics r123.

Does zozo ship to US?
Thanks bud, I doubt it but you can contact pondon to order from stuff from zozo
Ah nice didn't know that, thanks. Props again on the varsities.
Sick varsity jackets... I'm in the market for another varsity. Here's my recent purchase.

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Nice jacket, which year did that come out?
wooo thats one OG varsity there mate,,

good on ya
Not really sure about the info on this jacket. I'm sure somebody can chime in w/ some details? I'd like to know myself

Come on guys needa keep this Varsity thread alive yo!!

So excited to see they retro this style of Shark varsity again in 3 years.

NOT Gonna miss it this time.. BIG SHOUT OUT TO PONDON!

3 color way release this time around. Last time back 2011 they only did Grey and Navy.

Love the camo less hood!



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also they fit true to size, M fits me good.

yooooooooooo bro you bought both colors??! not bad tho they look really good without camo. What are you going to do about the sleeeves? I notice the sweat sleeves looks like it can get dirty fast. Its gonna be tough to keep them "crispy clean".

I just un-ds'd my sweat varsity last month and the sleeves caught dust already ;d

all in all nice pickups!!!

EDIT : How many varsity's do you own? Funny just this weekend i was thinking about buying the black 'wool' varsity from pondon.
Thanks bro,

Yeh keeping the cottoj white sleeves might be a challenge, unlike the leather ones where u can clean it with a dame cloth.

But I like it a lot to buy them anyway, they good for spring autum.

Well I might have a few varsities but not too many. Lol

Did you want to get the all black wool one? That s looks pretty solid.

Cheers bro.
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